Shards of an Empire

1000 years after the fall of the Hydran Empire, the boundaries of civilization are again growing. Shards of an Empire is a campaign that will cover the growth of a frontier town into an integral part of the surrounding region.

The goblinoid hordes are still out in the wilds. Whether it be for fame and fortune, greater knowledge of things long forgotten, or a view over the horizon, stalwart adventurers are heeding the siren call. Now is a time for heroes.

Visit the Wiki for more information.

The Adventure Log will have details of the ongoing campaign as they occur, refer here if you want to refresh your memory.

For now, some information is present on the google docs page Anna set up, you can get to it from here

Session Time Chosen

Next Session is this Saturday, the 2nd of February at 6pm. Same place as last time, Ashley and Matt’s place.

Information about older campaigns can be found here.

Shards of an Empire

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