A map of the realm is available on the “Maps” tab, showing knowledge available to all characters in the campaign. The map may be inaccurate in specific details in less traveled areas, but does provide a good overview of the realm. More specific maps will be added to the wiki as they are required (read as “when I get around to making them.”)


The City of Belach
The Town of Kurtan
The City of Talar

Geographical Features

Mountain Ranges

Da’nari Mountains
Furnace Peaks
Red Peaks

Hills and Rough Terrain

Eastmoor Hills
Ironcrag Hills
Red Hills
Valkerp Hills


Eridell Forest
Freyburn Woods
Orwyne Forest

Plains and Lowlands

Arin Valley

Swamps and Marshes

Arin Marsh

Bodies of Water

Fresh Water

Arin River
Misty Lake
Valkerp River

Salt Water

Grey Sea

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