At this time, the true date as reckoned by the Hydran Empire is no longer known. It has been roughly 1000 years since the empire collapsed and communications with the rest of the known world ended. The year is tracked as the nth year of the mth rule of the Two Lords. At the time the campaign begins, it is the 8th year of the 49th rule of the Two Lords.

The realm of the Two Lords, also called Arin after the major river that connects it from end to end, has spent the last millennium struggling to maintain civilization in spite of the goblinoid hordes that threaten the more remote areas of the realm. The last several decades have shown a decrease in the barbarian hordes, and the people of the land have taken advantage of the opportunity to grow and prosper. Trade inside the realm is stronger than any can remember, and a modest foreign trade occurs in the port city of Belach. Other former parts of the Hydran Empire are traded with along coastal routes, but the majority of the trade occurs through the Aegin, a seafaring people about whom little is known.

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