Many deities are worshiped across the realm. The more commonly worshiped ones are noted here, along with the appropriate alignment.
Note these do not include deities worshiped by evil or monstrous races.

Avandra Good
Bahamut Lawful Good
Corellon Unaligned
Erathis Unaligned
Ioun Unaligned
Kord Unaligned
Melora Unaligned
Moradin Lawful Good
Pelor Good
The Raven Queen Unaligned
Sehanine Unaligned

Minor gods are worshiped in addition to these occasionally, in particular racial pantheons are sometimes venerated in the more monolithic settlements some distance from the trade routes. Several deities have likely been lost to time as the empire collapsed. Information on them can sometimes be found in neglected libraries or abandoned ruins. Missionaries from other parts of the empire that have fallen out of contact are rare, but occasional sects of worshipers can be found for other powers.

DM Note If you don’t see a power here that you like, let me know what you’re interested in, even if it’s only an alignment and some areas of interest, and I’ll see what I can come up with. If I get bored, more powers may be introduced anyway.

Gruumsh One-Eye deserves particular mention as the leader of the pantheon worshiped by the Goblinoid Horde. Many orcish shamans derive their power from him and his brethren. Worship of any of these deities is forbidden in civilized areas, with penalties ranging from fines and possible exile to death in more extreme cases.

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