Vital Statistics

Race Dragonborn
Sex Male
Class Paladin
Height 6’ 5"
Weight 275
Level 1
Age 17

Appearance and Personality

With golden eyes and golden scales, Fijor is a young dragonborn clans member attempting to prove his worth. He’s incredible intimidating, due to his size and fierce face. In spite of his appearance, he is an incredibly charismatic person, beloved by many in his tribe. He is incredibly dedicated to the protection of those who are in greatest need. He wants to do what is best, always. Sometimes to a fault. This fault leads to him to be a very vengeful fighter, sometimes zoning in on one enemy with single mindedness.

Known History

As a young clans member, he was trained near exclusively in the religious teachings. When he became older, he was taught the ways of the “outside” political policies. Between the teachings of religion and diplomacy, Fijor became very good at reading people, and can easily tell when someone or something is lying to him. Right before he was an adult, he grew to his adult height and size, and was taught how to be incredibly intimidating. When he finally became an adult, he was told by the elders in his tribe that he had to prove himself in the world. He had to become the great warrior and leader that was needed in the tribe. Ever since, he traveled in the wild of the world until he finally made it to Kurtan where he met his party.

Fjior’s Public Journal

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